Mountain Bikers

MTB Trails!

We will have beginner to expert, east coast rocky to west coast big mountain, we’ll  have all the obstacles. Designed to feel as natural as your favorite piece of single track, we have lines that flow together and never get old. Check out what we have so far. For a complete tour check out our business view.

Flow Mountain Bike Room



Squier-4The Woods Jump Room

squier-20 squier-7Cross Country Loop

Squier_blue-11Squier_blue-10Squier-7Squier-8Pump Track



Technical Mountain Bike Room

Squier-10 Squier-9

This room  is full of technical lines varying in difficulty. New to this room is a Skinny Foam Pit! If you want to challenge yourself this is your room.

Fundamental Skills Area

Squier_blue-8Squier_blue-9Beginner Jump Line

squier-1squier-33Designed and built with all bikes and skill levels in mind. This line flows for any kind of rider and is a great place to start getting those two wheels off the ground.

Foam and Resi Room

squier-26Learn how to shake some of that fear on new tricks or just get the feeling of jumping with our foam pit.

Google Tour 2016

A lot has changed since our google tour was shot. You can still get a good feel for the park. Take a virtual ride around the park!



Hour Changes

Hour Changes By popular demand, we are extending our summer hours on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will be open […]


Father’s Day

Father’s Day  We love rad dads! We want the whole family to ride and enjoy themselves. For that reason, take […]


Mother’s Day!

  Mother’s Day  We love family at The Wheel Mill! We want the whole family to ride and enjoy themselves. […]