Rules and Regulations 

Park Entry

You must check in each time you visit the park.

You must complete and have a signed waiver on file to ride in the park.

If you are 17 years of age or younger you must have the consent of your parent or guardian to ride in the park and they must sign the waiver and consent for treatment and provide Health Insurance Info. NO EXCEPTIONS. For more information, click this LINK to head over to our waiver section.

If you are 7 years of age or younger a parent must be present at all times while you ride.

Passes are non-transferable; if your name is not on the pass you cannot use it.

We reserve the right to revoke or suspend passes at any time for violations of the rules or inappropriate conduct, without refund, at the discretion of the park staff.


Park Etiquette 

Fighting, threats, intimidation, foul language and altercations in the park will not be tolerated and can lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the park.

If you see dangerous or unsafe conditions within the park, please report them to a staff member immediately.

If someone is injured or hurt in the park, do not move them. Alert the staff immediately.

Neither food nor alcohol is allowed on the trails, jumps or features at any time.

Tobacco is not allowed in the park at any time. Adults may smoke outside no less than 10 feet from the entry.

You will not be allowed to ride in the park if it is perceived that you are intoxicated, impaired or considered a danger to yourself or fellow riders.

Follow guidance provided from The Wheel Mill staff.

Riding Etiquette

 FASTENED Helmets are required at all times while riding at The Wheel Mill.

Functional brakes, full-face helmets, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, mouth guards and protective gear is highly recommended while riding.

Pegs are not recommended. If you cause damage you may be held responsible for any damage to the jumps, features or trails.

Trails and jump lines are directional. Ride only in the intended and marked direction.

Trails and jump lines are for riders only, no pedestrians allowed.

Do not stop or obstruct trails.

Do not ride on trails or features outside of your riding ability.

Do not ride out of control. Maintain control of your bike and person at all times.

When you enter a trail or jump line yield to riders already on the feature or in motion.

Obey all signs and warnings in the park. If a trail or feature is closed, please stay off said trail or feature.

Equipment Protection

We are not responsible for your bike or personal belongings. Lock them up or keep them in view at all times.

Inspect your bike and equipment before riding in the park. Your bike and equipment are your responsibility.

VIP Bike storage is for Season Pass holders and is first come first served.



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