Thanks for checking out the FAQ page where you should find the answers you crave. If you do not see the answer and the question you are looking for please email all questions to info@thewheelmill.com. We’ll answer any valid question and publish the answer on this page.

Q – What’s you number?

A- 412.362.3693

Q – Does my child need health insurance to ride at The Wheel Mill?

A – Yes, upon filling out the waiver for your child 17 and under you will need to provide proof of insurance. When you arrive at the park providing an insurance card will clear up any confusion.

Q – Do you offer summer camps or private lessons?

A – Yes and yes! We offer kids’ summer camps taught by professionals with a one-of-a-kind schedule to get you shredding in no time. Private lessons are available for those interested. For more information visit our lesson portion of the website, or email questions to info@thewheelmill.com

Q – I don’t ride but I would love to tour The Wheel Mill and see what the buzz is about, is that allowed?

A – Yes, we love to show off our creation. We only ask that you sign a waiver and present a valid photo ID before you enter the park.

Q – How can I get a waiver before entering the park?

A – We recommend that you: print out our waiver from The Wheel Mill site, have your parent or legal guardian fill it out completely, and have it notarized (If your parent or legal guardian is not present, the waiver must be notarized). Bring it into the park and be ready to shred. Click HERE for a printable waiver. For parents dropping their children off we would recommend putting money on account for your little shredder. That way you don’t have to worry about lost money or spending going where it shouldn’t. If you’re 18 or older, you must sign a waiver at The Wheel Mill and present a valid photo ID before entry.

Q – Is there parking available?

A – Yes, we have three parking areas on site. Large enough to accommodate the big events, dads RV, and your Prius.

Q – Are skateboards, rollerblades or scooters allowed?

A – Skateboards are allowed from Monday through Thursday. Currently, we do not have insurance coverage for Scooters or rollerblades. It may be a possibility in the future.

Q – Do I need to have brakes to ride?

A – We strongly suggest that you ride a bike with at least one brake. If you choose to ride brakeless you must be in control of the bike at all times and abide by all the same park rules as bikes with brakes.

Q – What skill level should I be at to ride the park?

A – We have ramps and features for all skills levels. Start upstairs in the Fundamental Skills Room to cover the basics and move on to the rest of the park as you feel comfortable. We offer group and private lessons if you’d like to accelerate your learning.

Q – I don’t have a bike or helmet, can I rent one at the park?

A – Yes, we  have rental: pads, helmets, and bikes available. Not all models and sizes are available at all times so we recommend that you call ahead.

Q – I’m hungry, yinz got food there?

A – The Wheel Mill has energy bars, healthy snacks, drinks and all your favorite on the bike food. Plus some cold treats for the kids. As for off the bike food, we are located near some of the best restaurants in the city. We will not let you go hungry. Also, check out the The Wheel Mill Special from Pizza Parma.

Q – My bike is broken, can you fix it?

A – We do offer some small repairs, and wear item replacement but all repairs are on the spot or ASAP. As for in-depth repairs such as fork rebuild or drive train cleaning we would point you to one of the awesome local bike shops surrounding us.

Q – Can I borrow some tools to work on my own bike?

A – We can work on your bike for a small fee, but we will not be lending out our tools. We have a small stand with community tools. We ask that you come to the park equipped with the proper tools to fix your own bike if you wish to work on it yourself.

Q – Do you sell stuff? I need some new grips before I can ride anything.

A – Yes, we have a small retail area for clothing, small parts, and wear items such as: chains, pegs, grips, cassettes etc…

Q – I’m coming from work to ride, can I change there?

A – Yes, We have changing rooms, both men’s and women’s. We also offer lockers to keep your work clothes or valuables in while you rock the park. We have locks for rent for a small fee or bring your own lock for your locker.

Q – Can I store my bike there?

A- We offer VIP bike storage free with a season pass, but only while supplies last. As for letting the bike spend the night with out VIP Storage, it is not permitted.



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