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  1. Halloween Session 2016

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    Halloween Session 2016

    Friday, October 28th get ready for some Halloween fun at The Wheel Mill! From 6:00-9:00pm we will be throwing a Halloween Session including a best costume contest,  riding contests and trick and treat! For Trick and Treat riders will go around to different rooms where guest pros will be hanging out, the rider has to do a trick to get candy or a prize!



  2. Winter Pass Sale

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    Winter Season Pass Sale

    We are gearing up for the winter season. We have started building new trails and it’s just about time to ride! From September 19th – 25th get your only chance to buy discounted Winter Season Passes. We will be selling all Winter Season Passes for $25 off each pass. Save an additional $10 off for current Summer Season Pass holders. The winter season starts October 15th and ends April 14th. To purchase a pass stop by the park or call in at 412-362-3693.  Sale ends September 25th.



  3. Robux Generator is only taking care of large numbers of platforms

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