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  1. Take it to the Trails

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    Take it to the Trails


    Take it to the Trails is a mountain bike group ride leaving from The Wheel Mill and rides through Frick Park. Before the ride, we will have a Mountain Bike Skills Lesson at 10:00am. We will cover essential skills such as log overs, stance, turning, etc. The lesson is free for the first 15 riders. The ride to Frick leaves at 11:00am. After the ride, we will return to The Wheel Mill for a BBQ and refreshments (Yes, beer for 21+). Email with any questions.

  2. Game of B.I.K.E.


    Game of B.I.K.E. Tournament

    The Wheel Mill will be hosting not-your-average-game of B.I.K.E. at the park. Get ready to push your riding to the limits and have some fun! It will be a tournament for all amateur skill levels with a special twist for the expert class. We will take the top finalists of the expert class and pair them with a professional bike rider and the finalists will have to battle it out together with their professional partner to win the grand prize.

    General Info:

    Date: July 11th, 2015

    Registration Begins: 10:00am

    Practice: 10:00am-12:45pm

    Tournament Begins: 1:00pm

    Cost: $10 + park entry.


    Beginner 12 and under

    Beginner 13 to 17

    Beginner 18 and 35

    Beginner 35 and over

    Expert (Expert Class Finalist will be matched with a professional in the finals for the grand prize)


    The beginning groups will be chosen at random. Riders will play games of B.I.K.E. with a group and come back to the registration table to report the winners. When a rider wins a game, they will move up in a bracket and play multiple games until there is a final group. The final group of each class will battle it out for the prize and the final expert group will battle it out with their professional partner for the grand prize.

    General Rules: 

    Amateur only (The Wheel Mill Staff has the right to declare a rider unable to ride due to professional status. Email Mike@thewheelmill to double check a riders status).

    First trick setter of each group will be randomly selected.

    If a rider does not pull the trick established by the setter, the rider gets a letter.

    Spell B.I.K.E. and you are out.

    Each rider gets 1 redemption (This means a rider can have 1 more try at one trick during the round)

    A rider or team can only have 1 set.

    Must call out trick when setting.

    No set trick can be opposite peg.

    If a rider sets a peg trick and the other riders do not have pegs, they can try it as a pedal or axle trick.

    Trick must be all one move (A rider cannot trick one obstacle then another without a link trick like a manual, fakie or nose manual).

    Must pull the full trick to be a set (A crash, a foot down, not doing the trick called out or not extending the trick to regular accepted execution is not a full trick) the set would then go to the next rider in the group.

    Expert Final Rules:

    All above rules from General Rules apply.

    Teams of amateur and professional have one combined B.I.K.E. score.

    Sets alternate from amateur to professional.

    If an amateur rider knows they cannot do the trick that is set, the professional may do the amateur set but the amateur rider has to do the proceeding professional set.

    If an amateur can do the professional set, they can attempt it and if it is pulled the team receives an additional redemption.



    Subrosa Brand

    The Shadow Conspiracy

    Camp Three


    Revenge Industries

    Kink BMX

    Pro Bikes

    Profile Racing

    S & M Bikes

    More to come!

    Guest Pros:

    Van Homan

    Ryan Wert

    Zak Early

    Mason Ritter

    Jeremy Ball

    More to come!

    What is B.I.K.E.?:

    It’s a lot like Basketball HORSE but on a bike. One rider will set a trick and the rest of the group must complete the trick. If not completed the rider will receive a letter. The goal of the game is to be the rider who does not get all of the letters that spell BIKE.

    BIKE 4







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